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UM 300-20

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Укрмедресурс гарантує:

  • – Оперативне наданння послуг
  • – Гарантійне сервісне обслуговування
  • – Висококваліфіковані спеціалісти
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UM 300-20 Patient Monitor with 20″ display is the best choice for operating rooms where standard screen size is insufficient for proper monitoring and additional parameters display.

  • Wide range of parameters in basic configuration
  • Extended monitoring parameters that easy to add and set up
  • Reliable and high quality measurement
  • Seamless patient monitoring
  • User-friendly interface
  • Efficient design
  • Easy to observe sanitary standards


Basic integrated set of monitored parameters:

  • ECG
  • Respiration rate
  • SpO2 using Masimo SET® or OxiMax™ (Nellcor™) technology
  • NIBP
  • Body temperature (2 channels)
  • CO2 (main- or sidestream)

Extended set of monitored parameters, connected via UniPort technology:

  • IBP (up to 4 channels)
  • 12-leads ECG
  • Multi-gas monitoring (N2O, СО2, Hal, Iso, Enf, Sev, Des) / О2 (main-or sidestream)
  • Monitoring of depth of anesthesia (BIS-module), EEG
  • Amplitude-integrated electroencephalography (aEEG)
  • Measurement of the main hemodynamic parameters using a thermodilution technique (C.O.)
  • Non-invasive monitoring of central hemodynamic parameters by ICG
  • Monitoring of the level of neuromuscular activity (NMT).

Innovative features

  • Connection with UNET Central Monitoring Station provides continuous gap-free monitoring, patients databases maintenance and remote control access to vital data.
  • UniScreen — extended monitoring on two individually customizable screens.
  • Web Viewer — remote access to patient information using mobile devices
  • Bed-To-Bed Viewer — get access to patient data from one monitor on any other UM 300 monitor in the hospital network.
  • PDF report generation with the ability to save data to an external USB flash drive and / or print to a network printer.




  • TFT display, touch screen, 20″ display
  • 5 cm (2″) depth only
  • UniPort universal connector technology for easy extend the functionality of basic model
  • Built-in WiFi module
  • Automatic switch from wire to wireless connection
  • OxiCRG
  • ECG analysis: ST-segment analysis, arrhythmia analysis, QTc analysis, Heart Rate Variability
  • 3 display modes: Standard, Large Numbers, Mini-trends
  • Drug dose and infusion rate, Ventilation, Oxygenation and Hemodynamic calculators
  • Simultaneous display of more than 12 real-time waveforms
  • Individual screen settings (user profiles)
  • Adjustable “hot” keys
  • Onboard memory – up to 720 hours trends for all monitored parameters
  • Wide-viewing light alarm indicator (up to 360°)
  • Ability to save data, such as trends and waveforms, on a USB flash drive
  • Additional external display
  • Convenient carrying handle
  • Multifunctional monitor mount system

Internal rechargeable battery


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