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UCARD 100 is the portable multi-channel ECG with GSM module for telemedicine. The latest signal processing technology, highly advanced design, original software and integrated telemetry system make UCARD 100 extremely flexible and cost-effective ECG for hospitals, ambulances, first aid and home visits.

UCARD 100 features simultaneous 12 leads acquisition and 3, 6 and 12 channel printout with analysis and interpretation. Electrocardiograph is portable and lightweight without compromising the diagnostic quality of the ECG. The unit is easy to use with a carrying case whenever and wherever required.


Full description:

Electrocardiograph UCARD 100 combines compact size and advanced functionality: simultaneous recording of the 12 standard leads, color LCD display, thermal printer, ECG analysis and interpretation, memory, built-in battery, telemetry ECG transmission system.

Built-in data transfer telemetry module allows transfer the registered ECG via wire and wireless digital communication channels to a telemedicine consultation center equipped with UNET Telemetry System, and promptly receives a highly qualified cardiologist advice. ECG registration and diagnostic quality ECG analysis regardless of distance and location allows patient receive a remote professional advice as well as maintain digital database.


  • Simultaneous 12 lead acquisition
  • Lead registration by Nehb and Slopak
  • Built-in telemetry system for data transmission
  • Formation of pre-medical conclusion
  • Mode of continuous heart rate monitoring
  • 12-lead ECG storage in non-volatile memory. Ability of further review and print
  • ECG transmission in accordance with requirements of standard EN1064 (SCP-ECG)
  • Patients and doctors data entry in ECG file for telemetry transmission
  • Special software for database management
  • Paper speed – 5, 10, 25, 50 mm/s
  • Input impedance > 10 Mom
  • Digital filters of 50 Hz and 35 Hz
  • Automatic drift compensation
  • Common mode noise rejection > 100 dB.
  • Heart rate indication 20 – 280 1/min
  • Automatic ECG printout and transmission function
  • Effective defibrillation protection
  • High-resolution color LCD display
  • High-resolution, easy paper loading thermal printer 80 mm
  • Configuration of ECG printing format
  • Power supply AC 220 V, built-in battery or car electrical system
  • Built-in rechargeable battery with 4 hours of autonomic work
  • Ability to information input using a standard keyboard.


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