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Sechrist Monoplace Hyperbaric Chambers H-Series with Gurney Storage & Low Profile Gurney

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Oxygen administered under increased atmospheric pressure is a powerful modality and must be administered with care and precision.
That is why Sechrist controls every step of design, engineering, manufacture and service of its monoplace hyperbaric chambers –
including the acrylic cylinder – to assure an unmatched level of quality, performance, safety and patient comfort.

First In Patient Comfort
• Available in three spacious interior diameters – 33”, 36” and
41”. All Sechrist hyperbaric chambers provide the ability for
the patient to rest in a reclined or angled position making
patients comfortable and anxiety free.
• The 4100H model is the world’s largest monoplace hyperbaric
chamber which offers the maximum in patient comfort.
• A fully integrated entertainment system allows the patient
to watch television and movies and listen to their favorite
music on their MP3 player. All Sechrist monoplace hyperbaric
chambers are equipped with dual speakers to provide
optimal listening pleasure.
• Bariatric patients up to 700 lbs can be comfortably treated
• The chamber low profile hydraulic gurney provides for easy
loading of the patient into the chamber without additional

Increasing Efficiency
• Sechrist H model chambers are all equipped with the
necessary monitors and controls to accept electronic data
collection modules.
• Precision controls and display allow for easy viewing and
adjustment by the technician.
• The easily accessible ventilation control allows for
adjustment of the gas flow through the chamber to allow
for Oxygen Conservation.

Gurney Storage Feature & Low Profile Gurney

• All H Model Sechrist Chambers are now available
with the ability to store the gurney under the
hyperbaric chamber.
• Convenient storage allows for additional free
space in the hyperbaric room eliminating need
for wall space to store chamber gurneys.
• Gurney easily stored and accessed; alignment
& guide plates allow for smooth placement of
gurney under the chamber.
• Low Profile Gurney lowers to 23” from floor to
top of mattress (approximately 5” lower than
standard gurney).
• Easier and safer patient access to getting on
the hyperbaric chamber gurney with Low Profile
• Headrest for Models 3600H and 4100H has
a incline of 45° to allow for increased patient
comfort (+/- 5°)

Supporting Critical Care
• Sechrist chambers provide for respiratory support that
automatically compensates for the pressure changes
in the chamber using the only hyperbaric ventilator –
designed and manufactured by Sechrist.
• Chambers also accommodate:
– Multiple intravenous transfusion lines
– Electrical monitoring including EKG, temperature and
blood pressure
– Transcutaneous oxygen monitoring
– Patient air-break breathing system
Assuring Safety
• Sechrist provides the only monoplace hyperbaric systems
with two emergency vent modes. This unique safety
feature allows for maximum flexibility and reaction time
to accommodate various emergency situations.
• The Standard Emergency Vent system decompresses
in less than 120 seconds. The hyperbaric technician
monitors and controls the descent to optimize patient
• An Emergency Shut-off and Automatic Vent system
allows decompression in less than 120 seconds without
the need for the hyperbaric technician to attend, monitor
and control the emergency ascent providing flexibility in
the case of an extreme emergency.

Model 3300H
with Gurney Storage &
Low Profile Gurney
Model 3600H
with Gurney Storage &
Low Profile Gurney
Model 4100H
with Gurney Storage &
Low Profile Gurney
Internal Diameter 32.50 in (83 cm) 35.50 in (90 cm) 41.00 in (104 cm)
Internal Length 90.00 in (226 cm) 90.00 in (226 cm) 90.00 in (226 cm)
External Length 106.00 in (269 cm) 106.00 in (269 cm) 106.00 in (269 cm)
External Height 59.00 in (150 cm) 63.00 in (160 cm) 69.75 in (177 cm)
External Width 44.50 in (113 cm) 44.50 in (113 cm) 46.75 in (119 cm)
Chamber Weight 2,030 lbs (923 kg) 2,220 lbs (1009 kg) 3,500 lbs (1591 kg)
Supported Patient Weight 500 lbs standard (227 kg);
700 lbs optional (318 kg)
700 lbs standard (318 kg) 700 lbs standard
(318 kg)
Ordering Information
Part Number
(XX designates language & chamber color)

Maximum Operating Pressure 30.0 pounds per square inch gauge (psig) • 3.0 atmospheres absolute (ATA) •
2.1 kilograms per centimeter squared (kg/cm2) • 206.9 kilopascal (kPa)
Operating Temperature Range 50º – 100º F (10º – 38º C)
Operating Humidity Range 30% to 90% at 77º F
Supply Pressure 50.0 psig to 70.0 psig (3.5 to 4.9 kg/cm2, 344.8 to 482.7 kPa)
Purge Rate 80 liters per minute (lpm) to 400 lpm with the chamber pressure set at 15 psig
Emergency Vent Rate 30 psig to 0 psig in less than 120 seconds
Relief Valves Model 3300H/HR: Two, set at 35.0 psig (2.46 kg/cm2; 241.32kPa)
Model 3600H/HR and 4100H/HR: Two, set at 36.0 psig (2.53 kg/cm2; 248.22 kPa)
Allowable Storage and Transportation
Environmental Conditions
Temperature: 32º to 113º F (0 TO 45º C) • Atmospheric Pressure: 7.3 TO 15.4 psig (500 TO 1060 HPA)
Relative Humidity: 10% to 100% including condensation

Lowest Height 17-1/4”
Lowest Height with Stretcher and Mattress 23”
Standard Rail Stop Height 25-1/2”
Length 91”
Width 33-1/2”


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